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Sawajiri Erika
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2nd-May-2009 10:07 am - ♦character profile♦
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Sawajiri Erika

The Marchioness of Roselaine
House of Avalon

22 springs old
Mother, Father, Brothers


of blood and background.

Born into pure nobility, Erika grew up near the Aquitanian border and is thus no stranger to the war. Nor however, is she unfamiliar with the Aquitanian people. Her early life was spent moving back and forth between her home and the city, as well as finishing school. She was properly educated and raised, and was a typical noble's daughter--well-bred, pretty, and a little head strong. Just when her parents began to fear her liberated spirit, however, a chance came along for Erika that they could not miss: she caught the eye of the wealthiest man in the region. And so, at the tender age of fifteen, Sawajiri Erika married the Marquess of Roselaine, an old widower who was in want of a suitable wife. Though he was almost three times her age, Erika married him without complaint and even went on to care for the poorly Marquess for the next three years. Added to his already healthy riches was her dowry, making Roselaine almost a mini-kingdom on its own. Though not very populous, the Marquess and Marchioness owned a remarkable amount of land in the area.

the queen of the border?

The Marquess, however, died before their fourth spring together, and Erika became the new Widow of Roselaine. Not one to show weakness, Erika held her head high and in fact has managed to maintain control of the Marquess' vast estates--for the most part. Quite a bit of land was lost to Aquitania after the war, something she resents deeply. Erika feels that she has been cheated somehow, being a woman, and she suffered unjust losses for the sake of peace. She is thus tied to the House of Avalon. Still, she is shrewd enough not to be openly critical, and has been making the same sort of clever decisions ever since.

It is safe to say that Erika is "mostly in it" for the lost land. Most will assume she is loyal to the House of Avalon in order to regain what was lost; kinder observers say it is to honor the late Marquess, while meaner-spirited critics will say she is selfish and greedy. Whatever the truth is, she is not resting until the land is returned to Estienne.

beauty indiscreet.

Vivacious, strong-minded, and young still, Erika did not at all embody the perfect grieving widow when the Marquess first died. Though she has never uttered a word against him, she has a reputation for doing exactly as she pleases. She is almost immune to the confines such a position would normally leave a woman in, as there are few who would defy her.

Fairly empowered, Erika is not afraid to speak her mind. Proper breeding does ensure that she is never outright insulting, but she will not be afraid to say what she thinks on certain matters. She is a proud woman, intelligent, and very capable. Pride is perhaps her biggest flaw; her deepest insecurity is the fact that she failed to produce an heir for the Marquess. Although she will never reveal this, it is the one thing that upsets her most when it is brought up because to her it implies that she lacks something or she failed at something very significant.

Erika is every inch an aristocrat, and she carries herself as such. She is uncompromising about ranks, and she can be quite a force to be reckoned with. She will speak down to those of lower rank, and she will treat equals as equals. To those of higher rank she is proper, never committing a faux pas of any kind, but she is not meek or submissive; she holds her head high. Although she is able to exude an air of perfect indifference, she is in fact very good at hiding her ambitions. Deeply serious about anything she chooses to undertake, she will not hesitate to use her own particular brand of justice on those who stand in her way. She truly believes in being devoted to your cause, and she cannot abide betrayals; she is indeed a strong ally to have.

[Man, I'm sorry this is hurried and short--I'll go back and revise it as soon as I can! In the meantime....

Enemies? Friends? Allies? Lovers? Drop a comment here and we can discuss. The mun is not even half as vicious as Erika, so don't be shy. ;)]

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